Dear blessed St Jude , please help to put some sense in my younger daughter to make her understand that she is among enemies who are out to trap her and collecting proof against her and her so called friends who are just taking advantage of her and using her and destroying her reputation . She thinks they are friends which they are not – please make her realise they are destroying her reputation by coming into my apartment and staying there and drinking beer etc – the very orthodox families in the (3 rd world country ) apartment do not like this and my daughter is refusing to understand this problem – and she is their target number one . She is planning to go abroad for her masters studies and she has to have a clear record at home for visa clearance- please lord I pray to you today that she will go to my niece’s home (it is a prayer home for Jesus and if she can get back her prayers and belief in God it will be a miracle lord )or my sister’s home and stay there and leave my apartment till she gets out of the country . Please help me lord in this very complex situation – ONLY you can find the correct solution for this complicated issue – Please let her realise things on her own and sort it out lord – please let her forget all her past miserable life all the pain agony mistakes – everything please — let her get a second life lord – another chance please – she is a very kind sweet girl -we were very unlucky and now the family is seperated and i am 8000 miles away with her elder sister in another country and cannot leave because of covid .Please send your powerful miracles to give her strength , confidence physically and mentally . Please keep her protected from all the men in the apartment especially the poisonous caretaker who has a criminal mentality and is a very evil man and is a drunkard – please let her be able to select the masters course in Germany as well as in the country where me and her sister her only family lives –and let all decisions made by you lord -and let no mistakes happen with our last of savings – thank you for all the miracles and favours to her lord — please keep her out of trouble and let all her evil friends go away for good never to come back into her life – let her get good people around her – please let the muslims and the communists friends go away and let the believers come and let her see the eternal love of god and experience your blessings and miracles and change her life – please help .desperate mom