Blessed St Jude Please Intercede To Jesus Christ Our Lord and saviour to protect me and my husband from Corona virus and all other health problems .
Please Protect My younger daughter from all danger from the apartment owners ( chauvinist narrow minded men)association who are targetting her to throw her out from there because she is single girl and brings in friends. Please send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and to protect her and also let the mighty power of the lord remove all her obstacles and be successful.
Please bless us all lord and our homes .
please bless all in the circle and help them.
Please let the muslim boy in my house go away and let her see reality and see through men / women taking advantage of her .please help her to get out of tge country please to Germany at the earliest.
please let ger find her soul mate lord who can fund her needs and love her and marry her urgently lord.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her . amen .