blessed St Jude please let my nurse daughter be happy like she used to be and please cure her gangilion cyst on her wrist which is painful as well as the bunions on feet, gestational diabetes, vericose veins long standing hours as a nurse and her recent rash of pimples on her face for which she has done a blood test and is waiting for result –please wrap your healing arms around her and calm her and the heavy burden she carries of her pending loan and a low salary with the husband who has only the basic qualification in nursing and is lowly paid so its difficult to save much money with child – please let her come to our side of the country to live or please let my husband sell his house and go to their side of the country to live so that we can have help in our old age and she can save money on food and child care – please let some sense prevail and let my daughter and son in law ego and pride and distancing me go away and let them see reality of the future please – and this goes for my husband also – thank you lord for everything given to me -ever grateful – please let all in the circle and otherwise find solution to their problems – amen