Dear St Jude please help to resolve my biggest problem my second daughter who is creating chaos and money loss in the family .Please calm her mind somehow lord and bring some sanity, common sense and let her see reality and let her get good friends /advisors who wish her well and give her the correct advice as per your wish only lord.
please let her forget all the past extremly painful memories and move ahead in life and not get stuck on people who have hurt her , boyfriend who cheated her and evil friends who lie and draw her to all her addictive habits she has to stop and will stop by the lord’s power.
Please let her be able to decide on her career future path and her life partner as per your wish .
I would like her to come to the country where me and her sister is living currently and do a masters course in engineering and find someone to love and live in this country with us .we need her support and help with money also lord . She is ignoring us all completely and living in her own world. Dear St Jude please help in guiding her to the right course which will suit our finance and will also earn money for her to live and find a good man .Please urgently help me and my family in this very important matter because all my savings wil have to go towards her education and its her last chance lord.
Please let her see reality lord and know how little money we have and try and find her soul mate who can fund her needs and genuinely love her and marry her which is the right thing to do at this time and for her age also .
please let her not miss her marriagable age and to form a family because of her blind hatred to men and false feminism, ego and lack of belief in god thanks to her leftie leaning thinking.
Dear St Jude please somehow bring a solution to this problem from her which is killing me every minute.
please protect my daughter from coronavirus ,dental issues and all other health problems please .
please let her regain her lost faith in god and prayers .
Please let her go back to her engineering career and not drop it to take up ART as her main interest which will never give her an income. She is very sad and trying to console herself lord –she has no real talent and is just sitting there refusing to find work or do anything – please let her get a second chance in life and somehow be able to come back to life and get over all her set backs and please infuse confidence and strength in her to work and live happy .
thank you for all your favours to her lord – Iplease hear my prayers and answer urgently lord and save my daughter – let her stop all her addictive habits and start working as an engineer . amen