Dear blessed St Jude please protect me , my husband 75 yrs both with underlying health problems from Corona virus and all other health problems.
Please continue to protect us lord. when we are forced to go out and do our hospital visits and other urgent chores.
Please protect my nurse daughter, her nurse husband and child from Coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please cure her gangilion cyst on her wrist and painful bunions on her feet and gestational diabetes and vericose veins.
Please guide my naive and weak younger daughter in her career and choosing her life partner.
Please send your powerful miracles to save my second daughter from self destruction
see reality and be brave and strong to continue to work as an engineer and not sit and draw. Please clear her mind lord.
Please let her forget her messy miserable memories of the past coming from a broken single parent no money family and her college boyfriend who dumped her on her birthday and got married ..
Lord let your mighty power work on her to come out of her depression and join her family in anotger country ..and get a second chance to live.
Thank you my dear St Jude, for all the favours to me and my family. always grateful .. I pray for all in this circle and otherwise .