Dear St Jude please bless my 2 nd daughter who is going to join for an Art class tomorrow to make it successful for her and give her the good health to complete it . Please let her take her vaccination at once and lord please protect her always from coronavirus please. Please let her see the reality of her life and come to terms with it and stop being an idiot and become practical and make some money to pay her bills and stop depending on us.
please let her find her soul mate who can pay her bills and earns money and has steady job. I am going mad because of her . Please let her go back to her engineering career and to the refused fiancee if ONLY that is your wish for her lord – she is refusing both – please let her learn to keep her ego away and learn to be humble not arrogant . Please lord guide her in the right path while choosing career and life partner = let her be able to make some money lord and be healthy – please let her forget completely her boyfriend of 10 yrs from college who dumped her on her birhtday and got married to someone else and never wait for him to seperate from his wife and come back to her – please let her have good friends and get a good man with money who loves her . Let her get her belief in god and in prayers lord – amen