Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ to protect my younger daughter from her mad extreme behaviour because her college boyfriend dumped her and got married to another girl after 10yrs of giving hope. Please guide her on how to somehow get out of thinking about the cheat boyfriend and put her mind on the right track and right career (instead of acting career to make money to do her real passion i.e. Art painting and drawing (no money in it) -acting career is full of filth and trap and sleeping around and i do not want her to do all that – she has a master’s in engineering and used to be a brilliant one. now because this college lover got married and she is completely broken all her friends are married – she is all alone in the native country, please let her accept any of our suggestions. please let her do the things which is safe and good for her and pays her bill and get her soul mate to marry her .
I am the villian in her life story now- please remove the hatred from her mind lord please. please send your powerful miracles to save her lord from self destructing -and to forget her past love life and to start fresh life – please end her misery lord. please let all the evil friends with addictive habits leave her and never come back – she hates engineering now associating it with the college love i think – please let what is best for her as per your wish happen lord – please bless and protect my girl -she is innocent and naive – if its coming abroad to her family and study art let that happen lord – please guide her at every step and let her not fail lord – thank you for everything given to her -i pray for all in this circle for your prayers to get answered – amen