Dear blessed St Jude,
Please urgently intercede to reduce my high and fluctuating blood pressure and the pulse which is also fluctuating and brings pain to my wrist . also my non stop headache.and give me good sleep
Please reduce my stress level somehow caused by my family problems.
Please lord I leave my younger daughter in your hands ..She is saying she does not want to marry her fiancee..please guide her in the right path please and let her find her soul mate and marry please.and be happy.
please let my husband’s ex girlfriends and late wife family and their friend stop attacking me .

please cure my grand daughter fever lord
please cure my elder daughter Gangilion cyst on her wrist get cured and let there be no need for any surgery .
please let her husband get job soon .
please bless us all and keep us protected lord.
Thank you always grateful to you dear St Jude for everything given to me and my family.