My daughter is in confusion and dont know what to do with the new marriage alliance which has come to her.
Dear blessed St Jude please ntercede to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord to decide for her what is good for both the boy and her.and if the alliance is good then please let the marriage happen if its your wish for her lord.
we have no money , all bad habits she has, so please let the boy accept her with all her bad habits and correct and bring her to normal person.
Please let her be protected from Coronavirus and all other health problems .
please protect her from all dangers evil people and addictive habits and all accidents while cooking in the kitchen or elsewhere.
please let the alliance work out lord ..i cannot carry her burden anymore.please help me urgently.please send your powerful miracles to save her and sort out this alliance matter.
Thank you lord for all the favours to me and my family.