Dearest St Jude please cure my burn wounds /blisters which has broken now and its weekend no clinic /scared to go to hospital …i changed the dressing myself but without cleaning —
i pray today to you lord my only hope and which keeps me going in life — to come to my help urgently to heal my burn wounds and not to cause infection /itching and further problems-
please give me sleep and peace of mind lord — remove my anxiety and let me get some rest and relax –
my poor husband of 74 yrs is self isolating from me because i am going out to hospitals for my dressing every 2 days breaking my isolation of 1 year – both of us have underlying health conditions and has to be careful .
please keep us both secure and safe from coronavirus and all other health problems .
please send me your powerful miracles to cure my burn wounds please .
Thank you St Jude for all your favours to me and my family – always grateful -amen