Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter from coronavirus and all other health problems she is having.
She is booked to take her pfizer vaccine today lord and she is frightened that it may effect her genetically and she is planning to have her second child. Please give her all the protection lord especially because she was suffering from extreame fatigue , severe joint/muscle pain and chicken pox like red boils around her stomach .Her GP could not diagniose what it is and she has to now take the pfizer vaccine -we dont know if its a symptom for covid or if its an allergy – lord please please protect my daughter -let her not have any side effects from the pfizer vaccine. and be safe -let her not send her to a covid positive ward because of her asthmatic background -let her be able to work in the green zone- please protect and keep her safe along with all her collegues who are in severe distress with cases rising -thank you lord – i pray for all in the circle – amen