Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to help my younger daughter to decide on her future plans .
She is sitting on a fence for a long time now on what to do about her future .
please dear lord ,help her to decide on whether to do an Msc (masters) in the country where me and her sister is currently living OR to stay back in the native country and get another job which is suited to her qualifications .
She has resigned her current job already and now has to decide .I feel a good for nothing boyfriend is holding her back. (i dont know the truth but that is what i feel) Please let her not take any decisions on her boyfriend as well as future (job or Msc abroad) without your blessings and directions
I am going mad thinking of the expense which will wipe me out and more .
She has no intention of working after the course but want to do business after studying with some other people i think not sure .
its all very confusing lord
Please i seek and plead today for your intercession lord and send me and my daughter your powerful miracles to show us the right way and not to waste any money and time on wrong decisions .
Please dear lord I desperately need your help .
Thank you dear lord