I give my thanks today to blessed St Jude and Jesus Christ our lord and saviour for all the favours given to me and my family .
Please resolve my biggest ever problem ie. my younger daughter for the past 12 years or more giving me no peace .She is a very nice girl but broken inside. coming from a broken family with no money it was tough – I am begging you today for my younger daughter to give her a second chance a second life in some ways save her –
please let her meet her soul mate as per your wish only -please let her make the right choices decisions in her life no more mistakes please lord – let her get her faith and god and prayers back – please correct her mistakes dear lord – please get rid of her all addictive habits and save her lord please – let all the evil people in her life go away please let her forget her miserable past and have a successful future -please let be at peace -get good sleep and be happy
only then I will be happy dear lord – thank you again and again my lord for keeping us all safe.