Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede on behalf of my nurse daughter to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to make her pass her nurses registration exam OSCE which is coming up on the 25th of September. Her whole life depend on it and now she is so stressed she cannot eat or sleep – dear lord please calm her mind and let her be able to sleep in peace . She has left her same salary job in the middle east to come to this country where I live to get a better life and freedom for her and family . This exam has to be passed otherwise she faces poverty back in her native country .
Even I am depending on her to pass because my future living in this country depends on her .
Dear St Jude please send miracles like you have always done in her case from years back , so that she will pass the OSCE exam and get registered in this country and then her small family can join her (her nurse husband and 3 yr old child – now all 3 in 3 different countries)
Please let her not take foolish decisions to travel unwanted train journeys and hotel stays to give company to one of her friend and tire herself and also exposing to dangerous unsafe situations . She is saying she cannot function due to stress .
Please give her memory power , understand the questions n answers ,and have the good health and above all your blessing during the exam and always .
Please let them give her an easy question
Please send miracles to help my girl dear lord — please – thank you -concerned mom