Dear St Jude, please protect and guide my naive, emotional second daughter in all the things she does especially when choosing a life partner.
Please let her find her soul mate who is legally single ASAP before too late for her to have a family life.
Please let her either come to the country where her family is living either by marriage or gor doing her Msc course which will hopefully get her good job secure future again before too late.
Please let her see reality of her situation and act as per your wish.
Please let her be safe lord abd be protected by you always.
Please let her STOP hating me n blaming me and let all her obstacles clear and let a good man who genuinely loves her and is financially secure marry her and be with her.
Please free je from thus big burden I am carrying for 30 plus years now lord.
I need to focus on my detailing health and my 4th stage cancer patient husband.
Please bring a solution to this problem which ONLY you lord can untangle and resolve permanently.
Praying for all in this circle
Thank you for everything given to me and my family dear St Jude.