Dear St. Jude please intercede for me. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for all the prayers that were offered for me and my loved ones. Please forgive me for all the times I take things for granted and for all my weaknesses. Please heal my body and do not let me have cancer and any other serious illness. Please bless me with a healthy mind and body. My left side and back has been bothering me. Please continue to make my scans and checkups good results. I will be having my mammogram soon and I am very scared. Please make the results normal. Please do not let me have cancer and any serious illness. Please take away the pain and discomfort I am feeling every day. Please bless me with strength to live each day. I humbly ask for more time so I can be with my children and be able to guide them, pray for them, help them. Please forgive me for all the times I am not patient and doubtful. Please continuously pray for my father that he will be completely healed from cancer and that he will recover quickly from his surgery. Please give him back the strength he lost and restore his health. Do not let this cancer spread in his body. I also pray for my mom that the pain and all sickness in her body will be healed. She’s having difficulty moving her arm and hips. She’s feeling pain in her body. I am begging you to Please heal her body from any sickness. Please do not let anyone in my family get cancer. My children needs me and I need them too. They are very young. I humbly ask for blessings to live long and healthy for my children and family. Please help me. Please heal my body. I find hope and peace thinking that God is merciful and will answer my prayers according to His holy will. I pray that my prayers are in alignment to God’s will. Please remove all sickness in my body and continue to make all my scans and checkups good results. I also pray for everyone in here asking for miracles, healing, support and patiently waiting for help in their lives. Please heal everyone who are sick and in pain. Please help us. I also pray for my children’s future. Please continue to bless them with a bright future and that they will both love each other in this life. Please surround them with good people and bless them with good friends and a good husbands someday. Never allow them to be separated from God. Amen