Please dear St Jude, urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to show us on what we should do to save our home and do the best for my husband’s future ( he is a 4th stage cancer patient).
Our finance is our home and we don’t have health insurance .
We both are old , we have 3 options.
One is to extend this house one bedroom and bathroom room downstairs…and share with my nurse daughter and family.
Second is sell home join up with my elder nurse daughter go where they are living .
3rd option is sell and go to native country..but help elder daughter in down payment for a home…
Really I am so confused and don’t know what to do.
ONLY you my dear St Jude, you can solve this complicated problem of this family which is being going on for sometime.
Please decide for me if my younger daughter should come to this country to Study Msc course ONLY if that is your wish for her.
Please let her not go to Dubai .
Please please help me in this urgent matter.
Thank you for everything given to me and family by you my dear St Jude .
Praying for all in this group. amen