Beato San Judas,
Please let my daughter not
Go to dubai but London to UK if that is your wish only
Please bring my 2 daughters together and live near me or let me be able to get a good builder to make extensions to my home .
Please let all the anger, hatred & misunderstanding of my 2 daughters towards me end somehow I had enough.
Please cure my osteoarthritis and left abdomen pain going on for a year and please please let me get my native country insurance application accepted somehow. And don’t let my agent cheat me.please cure my knee issues and glaucoma , no problem with cyst in liver ..
We desperately need my daughter and her husband both nurses , her husband a nurse for geriatrics.with my husband has advanced cancer .
They both are reluctant to come near us because of high rent and hard to get property to rent and visa issues if their change hospital.
Please destroy any extramarital affair of my daughter’s husband if he is having any god forbid. Let him focus only on his wife and 2 kids and no one else lord.
Please protect and save my daughter’s marriage From any outside evil force trying to interfere or destroy it.
Please give my elder daughter the courage mental and physical to control her food cravings so that she can control her sugar levels and be able to control the inflammation in her body.
Please let her husband be supportive and loving towards her an family.
We both families don’t have much finance and need to stick together. Please let the lord hear my plea.
blessed St Jude, please be with my younger daughter and guide her in the right path and don’t let any evil people come into her life.
Please let her stop fighting with me
Please let her take life seriously and STOP her naive idiotic stupid behaviour and see common sense and do the basic practical boring things .
Please let her Stop doing wrongful things which bring shame to our family.
Please let her get married to her soul mate (yet to find) who is single , legally free to marry .
Please let the extreme religion friends of hers either leave her alone
Please lord let her find an Msc course which will get her a visa to this country and get a job and make a living please lord . Let her accept that fact and remove all crazy thoughts like becoming famous go away from her mind.
Please let her evil friends go away. All extreme religion people. Please let me be able to support her .
I don’t know where she is and what she is doing. And who she is with.
Please let her get the best course to study and get visa to come to this country ONLY if that is your wish for her lord and it will do her good .
Please let her get admission at the best university for the best course. In the best country for the best tuition fee.which I can afford.
Please let her meet her real soul mate who is legally single and free to marry her who can give her financial security and a family life
I will be putting all my savings on her lord.
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to save my daughter and take correct decisions because we don’t have the money to play around.
Please let her find her soul mate ASAP before too late for her to have a family.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and my family.
blessed St Jude,
Don’t let my second daughter make anymore mistakes with her life please. Please send your powerful miracles to save her lord.
Please let her see the reality of her situation and life and accept it.
She has made enough mistakes and I cannot have anymore. Please. Let her spend the money of her step father carefully and not the way she is doing now .
Let her know the value of our money given to her free by not spending on ourselves.
We are fed up of her lord her financial dependency on us is the worst and not being nice also.
Please change her lord urgently.
Guide her lord .let her get one course in the country where I am living and I should be able to afford it.
Thank-you for everything given to me by you my dear St Jude. I am ever grateful to you. Amen