Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently show us the right country and the right Msc course for my daughter to study and get a job.
Currently the country where me and her sister is living has entered recession and conditions for stay back is tough and to get job is tough and the University fees will wipe me out of my entire cash savings.
I am willing to spend this money for my daughter to be with us and if it will save her from destroying herself.
The affair with the man has ended. She has ruined her reputation in town for me to get her an alliance from any good family.
She has to somehow get out of that native town, country and find her soulmate somewhere somehow lord and no time to waste .please send your powerful miracles to help her urgently dear St Jude.
Please let us not make any mistakes lord.because all my savings will have to be given for the course.
Please decide for us if she should go for free education public universities in Europe or for the paid one in the country which me and my elder daughter with family is living.
So we all are in one country and not separated but with huge fee payment.
Please let her get the best university and let her get good job and be financially secure and be happy.
Let us not make any mistakes lord .
Thank you for all your favours to me and family my dear St Jude.