Blessed St Jude, please save my elder daughter’s marriage which i feel is on the rocks thanks to a greedy evil husband who just wants more money more comforts in life and has only used my daughter to further his and his evil mother and sister’s selfish evil ambitions to somehow make it well in the world and to do anything to get it.
please protect my daughter and her 2 little children lord one is just 7 months old and the husband has no interest in the family already my poor daughter has lost her looks after the second baby a very traumatic delivery for her – and now her health is also at risk – please let her be able to reverse her diabetes and her stage 2 fatty liver before it becomes dangerous for her – please let her get control of herself – i doubt he is having an affair at his workplace and this sudden behaviour change is because of that – he has found a greener pasture and better life for him and his current family is a burden for him and he is trying to get rid of her and the poor kids lord my first hope is that he will find the other women/person affair – please help her find a solution to save her marriage at least for her children sake.
please let all the plotting of the husband, his mother and sister all of them so evil and greedy for money and zero values let all of them fail in all their attempts to destroy my daughter and her home. please let the mother and sister stop calling him all the time and stop influencing her son and his marriage – they all are one and wants her out because she has no family and no money. please let her find the best way to sort out this mess and let him realise there is no way out and let him not destroy his own family for greed,sex or anything else. please put sense into that husband’s head after how he used my daughter at every stage to further his life.
thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours given to her and her kids .