Dear blessed St Jude, my problems seems to be increasing lord –
it is my nurse daughter now who is in trouble now – her husband is ill treating the elder child and is nasty to her -wants her to be ill and be a diabetic somehow – not cooperating with her in anything and making her life miserable. its like he is trying to provoke her into a seperation – my poor daughter has just delivered a baby 7 months back under heavy risk and gestation -now she has lost her good looks and has sugar diabetes also which can be reversed – but the husband and his mother wants her to fall sick and be ill maybe to remove her for a new replacement. i am so worried lord
we have no strong males in our side of the family to support and fight for her and they know it – my poor husband has cancer and her father is ill also and weak with no money all struggling – so he is having a ball. making a slave of my daughter and enjoying his life. please urgently come to her and children help lord – expose that sadist lord. let everything come to light. let all his misdeeds come to the open lord somehow for all to see . please let your mighty power stop the husband of my daughter from doing anything to break up the family and let any affair break up at once lord – let him fail in all the things he do lord and never succeed if he is trying to destroy his faithful wife and children – please stop him lord from harassing the 6yr old daughter.
please show and guide my daughter on if to continue this marriage or to leave it lord
please let all come out in the open and be shown to my daughter what the scheming husband he is and his mother and sister all after money. they just used us and is finishing us and killing us inch by inch – please stop this at once i beg you dear lord – please save my daughter and her kids somehow – please let him go on his own if he is doing anything wrong like having an affair – please please show my daughter the truth of their relationship before its too late for her to get out .
please urgently send your powerful miracles to help her and kids – there is no one else my dear St Jude- help please
thank you for everything given to her and kids – amen