Dear blessed St Jude, please come to the rescue of my younger daughter who is all alone in the apartment complex in my native country.
tHE association president and other members have decided to put the biomass composter facing my apartment bedroom on the same level – and in future it will cause severe rotten egg smell/rats0 they have another space to keep it but deliberately keeping it facing my bedroom – i have collapsed – it will make the sale price fall for my apartment- i just want to sell and go dear lord.
please guide us all in what to do with this big threat to my apartment -my younger daughter is living there. The men are hypocrites, self centered and extremely selfish gossipy.
please let me be able to sell this tiny apartment of mine asap if that is your wish lord. Please let us be able to buy another one so my daughter could live there –
please let my poor daughter get the job she has applied and is hoping and waiting anxiously to get a positive reply.
please lord she says she wants to get married now – i really dont know where to find a young man who does not want to have kids – that is what she wants. Please lord bless my daughter and me and keep us out of trouble and let our enemies fail in front of your mighty power- please lord punish all those responsible for putting the garbage box near my apartment when there was space in the front of the terrace – We are so traumatized and saddened by this association decision and cannot even speak about it lord.the food waste garbage bin was moved around the aparment with the secretary and vice president objected viciously when it was coming near their apartment and their wishes were granted by the president but when it came to me they are not willing to listen because i am fighting on my own and my daughter living on her own is very vulnerable.
please let the association evil men at least put up a net or something to cover up their terrace so that we do not have to see the entire people lining up to put garbage. Please urgently come to our help lord to sort this garbage mess deliberately put near me and not on the far side with different access by sheer selfishness to have meetings in that area.
please do not give peace of mind to any of these men who are responsible and let them learn a lesson.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your blessings. I pray for all in this circle lord– amen