Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my younger daughter from the apartment owners association harassing her in regards to the garbage biomass composter put in front of our bedroom causing us tremendous trouble- i am scared to complain because of my vulnerable daughter living there whom all hates because she is single and brings her boyfriend and drinks beer- its only family apartments and she is a bad role model- but now she has changed a lot and wants to marry thanks to my prayers to you dear St Jude and wants to have her own business and is waiting anxiously for a reply from a job application she has sent – please send me a sign on what to do lord on this matter – to sell , or rent, or fight for my rights and put my daughter in danger of the thugs men in the apartment? ‘ we have no one – the girl has no one – please help me urgently by sending your powerful miracles – thank you for all your favours to my younger daughter and to me and my family always given -I pray for all in this circle