Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to urgently bring peace and love between my nurse daughter and her husband –
Mother of her husband is manipulating and wants to destroy their relationship and they have other plans for their son i am assuming the way they are planning and plotting against my daughter and looks like they have convinced their son against my daughter. He is been keeping away from her and neglecting her health -she has delivered a baby 6 months back and need his help for everything and he is not helping her to loose weight -always leaving to be with his friends – we dont know what he is upto – the food he makes make her fat and it is tasty also – He cannot be trusted because he and his family are mad for money.
The mother trapped her when she got a good offer and good pay abroad and her son who cannot even speak english was dumped on to my daugher’s head – now she is so heavily burdened by everything – I am so sad to say lord but the mother in law wants my daughter to fall ill (god forbid) or just go away from the son’s life – she has now 2 children with him one is just 6 months old — but these mothers of third world countries are so interfering in their son’s life and want to control it and if cannot will destroy it and want their son to have another marriage-
they are so so evil – my daughter married the wrong man and into wrong family – the father of my son in law committed suicide and nobody knows the reason and recently his sister tried to hang herself or was beaten up by her in laws and hung up they say – anyways she was taken to the hospital at the right time and saved – and then on she lives with her mother in their house and now is sitting and plotting against my daughter .
please my dear St Jude save my daughter from these evil people – let my daughter and her husband be left alone in peace with no interference from his mother and sister.
please let them stop poisoning my son in law against my daughter and let it not work let him see through them and their lies . please let all the evil forces, any black magic done by her mother in law or sister in law or her husband to my daughter to fall ill or get seperated from her husband. Please stop the evil plotters with your mighty power my lord and protect my daughter, her husband and her 2 children.
Please keep them all under your protection lord – Thank you for all your favour to her and family – amen