Blessed St Jude, please urgently come to help my nurse daughter who is completely neglecting her health and has now become very obese after her delivery – she says now no time for herself with huge demands from both her children – her husband is also busy working day and night a nurse himself. Please urgently send your powerful miracles to resolve this dangerous situation developing in my daughter’s home- it may look harmless but their very survival depends on being healthy – they have no savings inspite of working for 13-14 yrs now. they have no home in this country-
please please let her think of coming next to my house to live and work – please let her get a job and a home near us. please for the 2 innocent children sake let her get out of her depression and stress and start eating less and exercising more to get fit and healthy.
we need them so badly near us in our old age -we have no car and with my husband having advanced cancer and both of us with knee arthritis and glaucoma – please please let her husband and her agree to come and stay close to us dear St Jude.
please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems.
please let us all together be able to protect the only home we have – my husband has very small pension and cannot maintain the house – and after his lifetime his pension will stop . So it is very important that the house should be maintained well and with my daughter’s help we can do it – it is leaking and needs lots of work.
please let the family unite lord to survive and flourish –
Please let my nurse daughter come to her senses and take care of her health and stop eating wrong food and start swimming which she used to be a champion.
please bless us with good health and guide us in your path always lord –
Thank you for all your favours my dear St Jude for all your favours amen