Thank you, St. Jude, for your help with my son and his job. Please watch over him and protect him. He needs all the help that you can give him. When his father and I die, which hopefully will not be any time soon because we need to be able to continue to guide him, help him, and help him prepare for life as an adult, he will pretty much be alone in the world, except for his older sister, but you know what the issue is there. Please clear her mind so that the light of goodness illuminates her and she will always be kind to him instead of potentially being selfish and so that she will not seek to take advantage of him in any way whatsoever. Please keep him on a safe path and out of any potential or real danger. Please always protect his finances and make sure that he has enough money to live a safe life and to pay for his food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare, and other necessaries of life. Financial security is important to feeling and being physically and emotionally safe and avoiding anxiety as much as possible. Please also protect him in all areas of life. Please help to bring a couple of good, selfless, loyal, honest, sincere, honorable, caring, kind, helpful, benign, normal, moral, ethical people into his life who will truly care about him as a person and not seek to take advantage of him in any way whatsoever — angels on earth to be with him as true and loyal friends would be truly wonderful! Thank you, St. Jude!