Anisa Lynch

Dear friends, please pray deeply for those who are addicted to substances and suffering the horrible life of darkness, and filth, and illness, and homelessness, and exile by shame from family, friends, churches and communities. Please pray they be given unmistakable visions of light and compassion, letting them know that God and Heaven can help them be restored to health and sanity. Please pray especially for those who have known sexual abuse, and physical abuse, and endless shame and battering of their soul, that have cried out for God were not rescued as children. Pray for an increase in awareness of the Holy Trinity, Mother Mary, and all the saints that they might find God’s Grace coming to them in ways that feel safe and compassionate. In the Holy Name of Jesus I pray and may the loving gaze of St. Jude guide and inspire those suffering, their loved ones and those working towards a compassionate and healthy to support and guide the weakest and poorest among us.