Angela maria amor

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús y San Judas en tu santo y precioso nombre, te lo ruego.
Please heal my mother as she has been so unwell and doesn’t need all this as she has
been through enough in her life, please heal her and give her a long life with us as she
es muy valioso para todos nosotros
Por favor, mírame y guíame hoy y todos los días y dame la fuerza y el coraje
que tengo que hacer lo que tengo que hacer siempre
Please Lord Jesus and St Jude let us hear the good news of the sale of our home soon and
give Tirth the strength and courage to sign the papers as he is hesitant in this matter give
him blessings and allow him to come forth and give him peace whatever he decides
Please let hear the news soon Lord Jesus and St Jude as we need peace in our lives and by
moving it will allow us to have this with your divine help
Please Lord Jesus and St Jude give us the means to move to a better place with your divine
help in all that we do
I love and praise your holy and wonderful name forever and ever