Angela maria amor

Sagrado Corazón de Jesús y San Judas en tu santo y precioso nombre, te lo ruego.
Gracias por todas las bendiciones de este día y gracias por nuestro pan de cada día.
Please heal my mother’s body and give her a long and healthy life with us
Por favor, mírame y guíame hoy y todos los días y dame fuerzas y
courage to do what I need to do always as I am very weary and need your divine help
Please let it all be good with the sale of our home and let us get the best price as we have
worked so very hard and it is not good for us here as we would love to get into a better
location with your divine help
Please hear my cries and pleas for your help and understanding
Bless all those who are poorly and need your divine healing
I love and praise your holy and wonderful works and words forever and ever