Blessed St Jude bless me and my cancer patient husband and our home and children and keep us protected always under you my lord.
please give us strength mental and physical to go through our tough life and the tough advanced cancer treatments of my husband and let it all go well for him for his upcoming radiotherapy.
please come urgently to help me to cure my ear problem not diagnosed yet but could be tinnitus and according to ENT suspecting facial neuroma which is terrifying to even think. i am asked to take an MRI SCAN and i am so scared -please be with me lord and let there be no strike in this country .
please let the ear neck and nose problem go away and there is no need for an MRI SCAN or anything my lord please send me your powerful miracles to cure my problem and let all the headaches all go away – please let my glaucoma eye pressure be under control – thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family –
prayers for all here ..