Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and cure my grand daughter who is in the intensive care unit of a hospital with continuing stomach pain and diahrea and is on an IV and in extreme discomfort being a 4 yr old unable to cope without both her Nurse parents in 2 different countries not near her .
Please lord I plead with you to get her diagonised correctly and given the right medicine –
she is admitted to a mediocre hospital and not to the best one in the native country with her uneducated and ignorant paternal grandmother as the bystander .
She is unable to ask the doctor any questions and the hospital and employees are all arrogant and reluctant to give information .
Please protect my little innocent grand daughter from all the bad evil forces and keep her safe with your mighty power dear Jesus.
Please give peace of mind to my daughter who is distraught and helpless in another country with the covid restrictions .
Please let the relatives be able to handle the situation lord – please let her be alright soon .Thank you my lord -ever grateful to you – amen