Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour on behalf of my elder nurse daughter to make her pass for the coming up OSCE registration exam for nurses .
Please give her grasping power, memorise what is learned and to apply correctly and pass for everything .
Dear lord she is finding it very tough her experience completely in the operation theatre and zero ward experience and all questions for the test from ward .
Please let her be able to learn n perform easily – she is very stressed .
her 3 yr old daughter and her nurse husband in a desert camp in the middle east treating covid patients with no proper protection -all 3 in 3 different countries waiting for her to pass this OSCE exam. all of us depending on her to pass the exam so that she can help us all – please dear lord please send miracles to save her and make her pass somehow – please calm her and give her confidence and good health dear lord – please protect her family – I thank you for all the favours to her and our family all through the years – thank you -always grateful -A