Dear blessed St Jude i thank you a million times for all the favours you gave me years back when there was no money for my daughter’s education you made miracles happen.
The same girl my elder daugter now is desperately waiting for a reply from the home office UK where her documents are bieng verified -there is a big delay when her friends applied they got a reply in 2 days -she who is a nurse resigned her job who has huge debts in the middleast transfered it to her husband now waiting to come to UK to work as a registered nurse after writing /passing a practical exam-But there is a delay in getting even an acknowledgement from the authorities of UK that her passport and documents has been recieved even -We are highly stressed and worried for her -Dear St Jude please forgive her for any wrong doings please bless her and kindly intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to get all her documents cleared by the UK visa and immigration and Home office and the NMC-
She has taken a high gamble by resiging her job .Please dear lord help her in this hour of need and please let her come to the UK and be successful in migrating with her family .
I pray for all the people in the prayer group -please hear their prayers dear lord and let them be happy -Thank you -ever gratefull mother