Please dear St Jude please let my second daughter get the job she is having an interview for this coming week. Please let the company like her and train her in a very important in demand job which will give her a secure future.
Please urgently come to her help to find peace,happiness and financial security and more urgently let her find her soul mate a good man, single and legally free to marry and have a family.
Let her never ever to fall for a married guy.
Please protect her Always Dear lord.from
hypocrite , selfish ,self centered, merciless people who deliberately want to pressurise n use her.
Please let all her evil friends who is manipulating her disappear from her life snd let her get good people around her.
Please let her find her soul mate ASAP before too late to marry and have children.
Please send your powerful miracles to help her in this matter lord .
Please let all the evil forces, curses obstacles in her life go away lord with your mighty power lord.