Dear St Jude, please protect my advanced cancer patient husband now and all the time -he is now gone for his radiotherapy treatment -thank you lord for the hospital transport which comes for him its such a blessing for us -we have no car and its very hard to go in public transport during the cold winter.
Please let me get a reply from the ENT doctor whom we have sent to confirm on what all mri scans are left for me to do now.
my tinnitus ear tapping sound not there for 3 days now .thank you for hearing my prayers lord –
please help me to control my anxiety for my younger daughter, my husband cancer and my mri scans etc and my financial situation .
please let my neighbour not sell her house and go lord – only they help me and give me support mentally lord- if they also go away i do not know what i will do.
so please let the sale not go through lord at least till we are here – sorry to be selfish thought but i am so distressed they are rich and no need for this sale at all -please let them stay there is no one else has the time for us please – or let there be some way that me and my husband can go to my native country where there are lot of people to help on payment of money but we need to sell our house which the markets are down now – so if my daughter and son in law who live in this country in a mould filled leaky apartment with their new born baby can pay half of the price at least we can go to my native country where we can get more help – please show us the right path lord and not make any mistakes at any stage. take control of our lives and lead us – i am in such a turmoil and dont know what to do- i have lived in this country for 6 yrs now and dont know anything – i feel so lost and incapable- please help me urgently with your powerful miracles to stop me panicking and showing me the right path and sending good kind helpful people to me.
Thank you St Jude for all the favours to me and my family – ever grateful – amen