Dear blessed St Jude please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ my lord and saviour to protect and guide my younger daughter from all things bad and evil .
Just now she called me and told me she has problems and has consulted a psychiatrist and he has given medicine to sleep . her friends have suggested another doctor who will treat with no medicine.
Please help to get the right doctor for her problems .
please help my daughter to get peaceful sleep and all her other problems without any medicine dear lord please .I am so far away in another country and she is all alone in an apartment where no one to help and she will not take help of any of the family members who half heartedly offer help.She is in grave need of help dear lord – i dont know what her problems are but for her to approach a psychiatrist it has to be bad.
please please please help my poor daughter to take correct decisions -and not to get depended on addictive medicine .please guide her and protect her – i have no one to ask for help -please be with her and bless her and guide her dear lord -thank you -always – terribly distressed mother –