Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to somehow get admission in a good university (for which she will have no difficulty to get a visa ) for my younger daughter in a university in this country (where me and her elder sister is living and now according to her the man she likes very much also studying )
Please let her find a good university, with the tuition fee which i can afford, and also a good worthwhile course which will get her a job here .
please please guide us lord we have very little money and all my savings will be wiped out but i am willing to give her a chance to save her life from going bust . Now she says there is a nice man in her life and says he is her dream person . Please show us the real truth and if he is really good or not and please save us from getting into any trouble –
Please let her get back her faith in god and in the power of prayers .
Please let her forget her miserable past and start fresh life and let her be able to get admission for January intake in university in this country and let me be able to afford it if that is your wish for her my dear St Jude .
Let there be no mistakes and let me not loose my only money .
Thank you St Jude for all the favours to her given over the years – please let all in this circle find peace good health and be happy – amen