Dear blessed St Jude please protect bless, help and guide my struggling second daughter to remove her addictive habits which she is struggling with.
Please let her find her soul mate a good man to fall in love keeping aside her ego and forget her college ex boyfriend who dumped her to marry another girl.. please let her forget her miserable past ..God I plead with you to give my poor daughter a second chance to fall in love find her man and live a successful life.
She used to be a brilliant girl and now separated from me will not talk to me and is under control of friends.
She is been forced to leave her home with the evil hypocrites neighbour husband and wife deliberately creating problems for her.
She is in a big city now searching for new apartment after making mistakes in not signing rent agreement between herself n landlord.
Please let her find a good honest place to live Lord.
Please let her come to this country where I am living to study or thru marriage if ONLY it’s your wish for her my Lord.
Please let her agree to give up my apartment give back keys to repair the apartment to generate some money.
Please please let her stop fighting with her only sister and me..
Please urgently come to her help my dear St Jude.
Thank you for all your favours to her given over the years …amen.