Dear blessed St Jude thank you for the less frequency of the tapping noise inside my ears.
Please Lord I plead with you to not to give me this problem.
Because I already have glaucoma and thin cornea and breathing issues.
Please Lord I am very very stressed with an advanced cancer patient husband with an upcoming surgery…Please come to my hellp anģ stop the ear infection and tapping problem.
Please show me the right doctor for my ears to go to. It’s very expensive to consult an ENT .I have no insurance ..Please come to my help Lord . I have huge responsibilities and cannot be sick.
Please help me to relax and be calm .
Please send your powerful miracles.to resolve my middle ear infection and tapping in the ear problem Tinnitus Lord.
Please let my daughter come and live near me with her family.
Please let my younger daughter meet her soul mate to love marry and have family.
Thank you for everything you’ve given to me my fear St Jude. Amen