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Bible Diary for November 3rd – 9th

SundayNovember 3rd St. Martin de Porres 1st Reading: Wis 11:22—12:2:For the entire world lies before you, just enough to tip the scales, a drop of morning dew falling on the ground. But because you are almighty, you are merciful to all; you overlook sins and give your children time to repent. You love everything that…

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St Jude, please please help me. I am so afraid. I will never forget the graces and favors you obtain for me, and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you.🙏

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Dear St Jude, St Rita, and St Anthony of Padua, Thank you for all your help in the past. Please continue to help me to get the dental work I need. And also get me out of debt. I’ll pray for everyone’s needs. Amen

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Bernadette, I am saying prayers and encouraging All in the Prayer Circle to pray Dan’s dog recovers from today’s surgery and continues to thrive. Pets add so much to our lives, and ask nothing in return. Praying for you, Dan.

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Please pray for my Daughter Shelleen who suffers from Huntington ‘s Disease. And please keep me healthy so that I will always be here for her.

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Dear st Jude, I asked all who pray here to ask for your intercession earlier today for my friend Brian’s dog who was going through an operation and the vet had said he didnt know that it would pull through. The dog has come through the surgery and is at home with Brian but the…

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Please St Jude help me to be a success in my business so I may pay all my debt off and support myself when my dad passes. I ask this in Jesus name Amem

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St. Jude ..pls pray for me to find a good job . I am thankful for all your help..

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St Jude, once again, I ask for prayers for my 11 year old granddaughter, Ava, who is going for her yearly testing after being in remission for 10 years, Please let all her tests again be normal with no complications from her treatment. also for safe travels for her family to Cincinnati Childrens. You have…

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Kelly Ann

Beato San Judas, por favor, intercede ante Nuestro Señor Jesús para sanar y bendecir a mi esposo Michael. Por favor bendiga y sane a mi hijo Michael con salud, fuerza, sabiduría y orientación para su futuro, mente, cuerpo y alma. Por favor bendiga a Patricia física y mentalmente con buena salud y fortaleza para cuidar a su familia. Por favor, cúrame ...

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