Elizabeth G.

First my Dear Lord, I thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me throughout my life. Thank you for the answered prayers and the unanswered prayers for only YOU know what is best for us. Give us the strength to do YOUR will, keep us healthy so that we can keep helping others. There is always someone out there struggling with so much more than I am. I would like to pray for all those people in the entire planet suffering with any type of illness/addictions. Please heal Debbie from her cancer, so that she can make the dreams in heart come to pass. Heal my Sister from her severe anxiety and depression. Losing our parents has been extremely hard on all of us. Keep my brother, Ed safe and protected, and always be by his side, guiding him. Help heal Margrit, who has so many health issues, touch her heart and guide her in her spiritual journey. Heal my oldest brother, who is also suffering from some illnesses, touch his heart, heal his heart so that he can make the dreams in his heart come to pass. Even though sometimes I don’t want to acknowledge him, pray for my other brother in Puerto Rico. I have held on to a grudge against him because he made my Mom cry so many times, for almost 40 plus years, he didn’t contact our parents and it was hard for me to see my Mom being so sad, seeing those tears, waiting for the calls from him that hardly ever came. Help me to really forgive him for the things that he has said against me even though he hasn’t apologized. Bring all of my family to you..God, touch their hearts and allow them to feel you in their lives. Guide all of my nieces & nephews, help them to grow deeper in relationship with you God. I pray for all those who have passed on that may need prayers, allow them all to see the light and be eternally happy at your side my Dear Lord. I would like to say a special prayer for my parents, who I told that they were the best gift I have ever received and that still stands true to this day…I miss them horribly and it has been very difficult to be without them. Please give them a huge hug from me and tell them how much I love them and thank them for all they did for me and continue to do for me and the whole family. May they rest in peace eternally by your side Lord. I would like to pray for humanity, there is so much hate out there, so much discord, we get upset over everything and we need your help our Dear Lord. Help us to help each other and make a difference in someone’s life. I want to help as many people as I can, I want to help organizations that help people and help animals from being abused…you know how much I love all of the animals. I’m not perfect my Dear Lord, nor do I want to be, forgive me for my sins and help me to keep doing the right things always…day & night. Please keep me healthy, happy and guide me always. When the federal government calls me for the job of Investigator, allow me to be successful at it and always do my best. Also a financial blessing would be nice for all of us 🙂 These things I ask in the name of Jesus, Our Lord…Amen.