Easter Wish

Dear St. Jude please continue to help me pray for my Easter wish that my parents will be healthy and safe always. That my dad’s cancer will be completely removed in his body, that my mom’s goiter will completely be removed in her body, that my parents will be blessed with a long and healthy life so we can make more memories together. I also pray that my body will be free from cancer and any serious illness. I pray that the discomfort I am feeling in my body is not a disease. Please heal my body. Please bless me with a long and healthy life so i can be with my children and family. I pray for my husband and my brothers as well as their families and my children that they will all be healthy and safe. Please dont let anyone in our family have cancer or any serious diseases. I pray for everyone on this circle and everyone in the world who are sick, lonely, hopeless, depressed, and lost. Please grant us the hope that God promised us and complete healing in our minds, body, and spirit. Please heal my daughter’s bronchitis soon and i pray that she will not get sick anymore. Please heal my sweet daughter she is so fragile and has weak immune system. Please bless my children with good health always and safety and long life. Please hear my prayers and I pray that they will be answered. Thank you so much. Amen.