Dear St. Jude, please pray for my mother and her health. Keep her safe and well. Please pray that the severity of her condition can be simply managed and that the results of her tests come back negative. Please pray for my mother in-law and that her pains can be managed. Keep her safe and well. Pray for my husband and my sons, for their health and safety. Pray for my health and mental stability. Help me to cope with each day, to find strength in God’s love and to accept his will. Pray for my cousin and her unborn baby. Please be with her during this time and that her little unborn daughter will survive and be healthy. Please pray for all of my family and friends. Keep them well and safe in God’s care. Hear the prayers of so many who are suffering both mentally and physically in this prayer circle! I thank you for being there for me during my time of need and I hope you can continue to hear me now. Amen.