Holy Saint Jude, I know I am a sinner. A manipulative narcissist person. Full of lies and horrible deeds. I don’t think I even have an ounce of honesty in my heart. I am full of betrayals and games. But I beg of you still , to have mercy on my soul and make Alex fall in love with me. Please rekindle love, passion and emotions in his heart for me. Please make him have feelings of love and affection again. Please make his heart beat for me, ache for me, desire me. Please make him have feelings for me again. Have mercy on my soul Saint Jude. You are saint of hopeless cases. Please make my hopeless wish come true God. Saint Jude, please help me. Forgive me for the fact that my wish is laced with sins and everything wrong. But please grant me my wish.
I beg of you Saint Jude. Please help me.