Divya Amrith

Oh St. Jude,
I pray to you and ask you also to intercede to Jesus to cure and heal Avyan our child from cancer completely.
I pray for Avyan’s MRI, PET, CT scans , Lumbar Puncture and blood work to all be clear and show no evidence of cancer or any disease.
I pray for Avyan to have a successful, uneventful, smooth chemotherapy.
I pray for Avyan to have a successful treatment with all your blessings and have no long term side effects from the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy.
I pray for your blessings, wisdom, strength, support, vision to the Doctors and us so we are able to take good care of Avyan.
In Jesus’s name may Avyan be all cured, healed and go home. No More Cancer will be his birthday gift this year. We will praise you and Jesus forever.
We will ask Avyan to name his first born child Jude in your honor.
I have faith in my prayers and in you, mother Mary and Jesus that Avyan will be cured and healed completely and forever. Your touch has miracle powers. Ask Jesus to touch my child to heal him and cure him forever.
Please take care of our child. Have mercy on us. Forgive us for our sins.
Please Cure and Heal Avyan completely. No more tumors no more cancer in the name of Jesus.
Amen. God bless!