St Jude, thank you fir being there for us snd blessing us every step. I would like to pray for Avyan Amrith to be completely cured from cancer and to be healed from the treatment of cancer. I pray fir Avyan to have a successful, effective, uninterrupted, smooth and uneventful chemotherapy. I pray for Avyan to stop gagging and eat all kinds of healthy food. I pray for Avyan to build his appetite and gain his strength and weight back snd even more. I pray for Avyan to be done with the chemotherapy in 7 months and for us to go back home and live a healthy normal peaceful cancer free life. I pray that after his 7 months of chemotherapy, Avyan will be healed and will gain his strength, wisdom and vision to build his future. I have faith in our prayers that god is listening and will bless us. We will forever be grateful for your intercession, prayers and blessings. I would live to visit your shrine in Chicago, Indian and Baltimore. I have faith that you, Jesus snd mother Mary will be with him at every step, heal him, lift him and give him strength , wisdom , love, vision to live a beautiful life. Marry a beautiful god loving girl and have beautiful babies like baby Jesus. Live a peaceful, happy married life, have a successful career snd always pray to god for his blessing.
I also asked Avyan to name his first born child Jude in your honor. I will let his girl know about it when tome come.
Thank you and Amen!