Distressed mom

Blessed St Jude, please protect guide my naive, idiotic, impulsive, quick to anger, from self destruction by getting involved with a married man seperated from his wife but living in the same house. I prayed to you lord for her to find her soul mate and this is what she got – i am so distressed – she has no money, no job, no legally free man in her life to get married to- she is not coming to this country to study as she said she wants to – we hear the married guy is broken up with her only to see that he is back again – if she is not working then i dont know how she is surviving and with a gap in her working career its hard to get visa to this country to come for study. I honestly do not know what is good or what is bad for my daughter anymore .
please lord take care of her – and let the best happen to her – let her be financially secure. Let her get the respect she deserves and a good decent happy life she so deserves being deprived of it from childhood with the divorced and both remarried parents – and a sister who got married and was once close to her after marriage became distant and living in another country.
please give her an opportunity to live and be happy – i leave her in your hands – please let her meet her soul mate who is legally free to love, marry and have a family with her.
please protect her always when she drives her scooter 2 wheeler –
please let her be able to resolve the generator and power issues in our apartment with the apartment appointed electrician.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her –amen