Distressed mom

Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently come to protect my second daughter who is distraught and in agony all alone — and says she is leaving home and not saying where to – she is very upset with me blaming for lot of things – which is just one sided and not knowing my helpless situation as a single mother working to make ends meet. please lord she looks like lost all hope and is in the path of destruction – she is asking me to come down to the native country -looks like she is in big trouble and i do not know what it is – please urgently send your powerful miracles to save her from self destruction and whatever is troubling her – please lord she is all alone and is on the edge – Please do not let us down lord we have no one to help us -only my prayers to you – my heart is broken by her words – i dont know what to do – i am in another country- My husband her step dad has advanced cancer and is vulnerable and cannot travel — please i cannot leave him alone in the country and go to native country and dont know for how long – i am very worried and cannot even think – she is highly disturbed and she has no one to turn to – she says she is leaving home to unknown place – please lord somehow resolve her problem with company and protect her and guide us all on what to do for her- please let her confide in me what is the problem- please please please help – heal her lord heal her past wounds heal and comfort her lord she has no one with her – please give her peace of mind – please dear St Jude i thank you for all your favours to her amen