Dhruva Jyoti Malakar

Hi Ave Maria and Jesus Christ

Stroke part of my left brain & right part of body, mouth, speech, hand and legs; 2 years back.

Ave Maria and Jesus Christ can and would for intercession about me & my stroke.

6 people can go anything about me ( for bad):
My Parents (Narayan & Dalimi), brother : Nava Jyoti Malakar (Nitu) , Preethi Bhaskar, her mom(Saraswathi) & her dad ( Bhaskar)of Preethi Bhaskar. All 6 people can be used & do be bad dreams, magic, sorcery, omens. All my friends, coworkers etc etc are bad dreams, magic, sorcery, omens are done.

Intercession by Ave Maria and Jesus Christ for me & my stroke.

Dhruva Jyoti Malakar