Dear St Jude, I want to ask that you help my two young boys Luke and Max . They are both very dyslexic and are struggling with reading, math and vocabulary. Help them to believe in them selves. Help them to have self confidence. We have tried so many times to get them help but have fallen short. My older son Luke please help him to more motivated and help him to open up more to my wife and I, so we can help him better. Both my boys work super hard but still struggle. We’re really need lots of prayers and some massive breakthroughs for them. Help their minds be able to retain what they learn. My wife and I love them so much and want to see them succeed. I am in need of other prayers at this time as well but St Jude but please help my boys. Help them both pass their classes and move the mountains in front of them . I am so grateful for the help you have help me in the past I need you know ! My boys need you too! In the name of Jesus please pray for us! Amen 🙏